Nicolas der Priester aus Laax findet wieder zu seiner grössten Stärke zurück. Nämlich richtig fett Snowboarden! Pow und Style vom Feinsten! Geniesst es!!!

“His seminal film “Fruition” left us yearning for more, as Nicolas’ riding style captivates the viewer like no other. Little did we know that there was a treasure chest full of unused shots of the “The Hollow Boned Bird” hiding on the Fruition hard disks, begging to be shared in due time.
We teamed up with one of the directors of Fruition, Sean Fee of Tasty Pictures, to dig through the archives and produce this sweet edit to quench the thirst for the Müllair.

Directed – Edited by Sean Fee
Cinematographers: Justin Hostynek, Nathan Avila, Elmar Bossard, Aaron Fee
Produced by: Tasty Pictures
Music: Trip the light by Ryan Taubert

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