Fette kalte Action. Balz revolutioniert die Möglichkeiten auf unseren Seeen! Doubles, Arched Backys, Shifty Paskos… unglaublich!

“by far my craziest swiss windsurf session ever! booooom shag man’s no hoot! gale force eastwind and about -10deg windchill! all sum up with some nasty lake waves! I promis the biggest waves I ever surfed in switzerland before! Lac de Neuchâtel second-largest Swisslake, almost 40km long, but I was surprised about the wave size and power, got proper bounded on some haha! today Yverdon-les-Bains looked like a oceanbeach! A day to remember 2.12.17 ! BIG Eastwindstorm (called Bise)! hardcore filming credits TomTom and Laura.”