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最大の割引 Drag 1100 XVS Yamaha クローム チューブトップケースキャリア Hepco&Becker Star 02 01 650498 |-リアキャリア

Classic tube topcase carrier for HEPCO&BECKER topcases of the highest quality. HEPCO&BECKER luggage carrier are specially designed for almost all our topcases. But not just new topcases fit. Also older HEPCO&BECKER models can be mounted. The basic mounting has not changed.
Not suitable are: Hepco & Becker Orbit topcase and topcases with universal adapter plate.
The carriers are model-specific and only fit on the listed motorcycle on the mounting instructions. Thanks to the construction of German quality steel, HEPCO&BECKER tube topcasecarrier ensure maximum strength and very high safety. Thanks to the high-quality coating and the proper care, the look is preserved in the long term. If required, soft HEPCO&BECKER universal rear rack enlargement (part no: 610053 or 610052)
Recommended load: Topcase + approx. 5kg load capacity
Please refer to the specific model of the motorcycle manufacturer, as well as the instructions on the installation manual or here on the product
Usually without problems; side carrier or C-Bow carrier can be combined with tube topcasecarrier (note the mounting instructions)
Incl. Installation material and instruction
Suitable for : Yamaha XVS 1100 Drag Star
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 650498 01 02
EAN : 4042545516130
Vehicle specific information : Please check mounting instructions for more info
Weight : 3.0 kg


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最大の割引 Drag 1100 XVS Yamaha クローム チューブトップケースキャリア Hepco&Becker Star 02 01 650498 |-リアキャリア

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