ジゴロウ GIGOR シルバー ジュエリー レザー ネックレス ティブ NO-383

高価値 01 00 650467 | 1990 from K 1990-94/600 E 600 XT Yamaha ブラック トップケースキャリアセット サイドキャリア Hepco&Becker-リアキャリア

The HEPCO&BECKER Completecarrier Set consists of a sidecarrier frame in combination with a rear rack, which only can be mounted together. Outstanding fit - every carrier is adapted precisely to the motorcycle model. High quality surface finishing guarantees long durability.
for nearly all Hepco&Becker hard luggage side cases on the side carrier
for nealry every Hepco&Becker topcase on the rearrack
recommended loading: 10kg per box on the side and 5kg into the topcase (please check manual and motorcycle manufacturer for more info)
delivery: sidecarrier reght+left, rear rack, mounting kit, manual
the Orbit Topcase and Topcases with universal plastic plate won't fit the rear rack
C-bow bags won't fit to the side carrier
the sidecases need the aluadapters 700114 which are normaly within the delivery of the sidecases
Suitable for : Yamaha XT 600 E 1990-94/600 K from 1990
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 650467 00 01
EAN : 4042545515577
Vehicle specific information : Asymmetric side carrier: We recommend a set of 30 ltr. and 40 ltr. side cases. The indicator lights remain in their original position.
Weight : 5.5 kg


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